How to Start a Freelance SEO Business

How to Start a Freelance SEO Business


SEO is one of the interesting and high-income generating businesses. You can earn a lot of cash from your SEO business; experts reveal that an average company can fetch you up to $ 120000 monthly. However, it’s usually a daunting and time-consuming exercise to start this company due to the numerous trial errors, especially if you’re new in the industry.

When starting and running an SEO business, there are numerous things you’ll need to consider to achieve the top results. If you’re looking to start your Freelance SEO, you’re in the right place. This article discusses how to start a freelance SEO Business.

How to Get Clients

Customers are the backbone of any company or enterprise; thus, it’ll be vital to ask yourself where you’ll get the clients when starting your SEO Company. We’ve got many strategies (both online and offline) to get clients to your site. Below are the vital things you need to consider when starting your SEO site to get more customers to enhance top results:

1. Getting higher ranks on search engines

When starting your SEO Company, it’ll be essential to look for various ways to ensure your content ranks high in the different search engines. We’ve numerous ways to improve these rankings, such as using a keyword related to your geographic allocation and optimizing your content. A top page ranking on search engines like Bing and Google is vital to enhance credibility when running your site and your company’s visibility.

Below are the essential things to consider when seeking to get higher SERPs:

● Have more than 2000 well-written words on your site

● Have the exact keyword in the URL

● Optimize your content and pages

2. Acquire a free SEO Auditing tool

Importantly, getting more traffic and potential customers on the site will be another successful strategy while starting your pages and company. After visiting the site, youl need an appropriate tool to help you easily get the contact information of these customers visiting the website. It’ll be wise to create a free audit tool for collecting this information as most customers won’t answer the contact form.

The tool will help collect all the customers’ contact information by sending them into your email inbox. The clients enter their phone number, email address, target keyword, and web address, useful for further contact. You can also use the contacts to send them offers when your company has offers or discounts.

3. Offer free resources

Providing free resources is the most appropriate way of enticing more customers to your business. Importantly, you can incorporate free downloads and other services on your page. For example, you can research the current prices of different aspects of the industry and prepare a simple report.

Afterward, provide them on your page for the customers to share after the first download free. The customers can share your pages widely in exchange for the free link. It’s an important strategy that offers a Win-Win solution for you and the visitors.

4. Check for strategic partnerships

In the freelancing business, we’ve got individuals specializing in different fields. Thus, it’ll be essential to consider choosing strategic partnerships important for your growth in the different areas. You can choose agencies or partners specializing in social media, online PR, PPC, mobile, web design, and many more. These partnerships will be important to help you get more customers. Importantly, to enhance more referrals and stand out among your customers, you can offer a finder’s fee, approximately 10% for the referrals.

5. Seek more referrals

Seeking more referrals is the best way to improve and grow your SEO business. It’s essential to get a few clients to give them your company’s referral letter and offer them a cash reward or bonus for any new client they send to your site. You can choose a fixed or varying amount of commission for these referral programs.

6. Market your business on different quora

Quora is a very important place where you can market your services. You can provide answers on LinkedIn and other quoras. Once a client is satisfied with your answers, they may send you a request for a proposal. You can get a long-term client by just providing an appropriate answer. Importantly at these Quora sites, you can let individuals see your website or company profile, and they can reach you later when in need of your services.

7. Add a link to your site

After establishing your new business, it’s always good to add a link to the site for different SEO benefits. When having the contract with your client, ensure you add a clause allowing you to place your company’s website link on the page’s footer. This link will be essential in landing huge deals with different customers. However, to prevent the search engines crawlers from thinking that you’re manipulating them, include a No follow tag on the link.

8. Include Live chats

It’ll be good to ensure you set live chats upright on the SEO Company’s website. These chats will be essential to help get an immediate notification once a client is on your site. You can use the live chat to message them, or they can use it to seek help. Live chats offer the appropriate alternative to customer service, thus enhancing the development and growth of your SEO business.

9. Start offering Web design services

When having your SEO business, it’s important to understand that they work hand in hand with web design. Web design is vital to improve and boost the growth of your business or company. You can partner with some local web designers before offering web design services to your clients. It’ll be an important step to enhance the growth of your business and your services.

10. Outsource cold emailing

You can send cold emails to your targeted audience or market through some inexpensive admins available on sites like You can hire individuals, especially those in India or Asia, to help you outsource cold emailing. While using these admins, it’d be good to provide your geographical target market, goals, and details for the admins. Then, remember to keep tracking your progress.

Bottom Line

Due to the numerous things you need to consider, it becomes daunting to start and run your SEO business successfully. Nonetheless, we’ve got some vital steps and strategies you can incorporate in your startup and running processes to ensure you achieve great success in your business. The information provides an essential guide on starting a freelance SEO business, getting more clients, and having more success.