How To Hire A Freelance SEO Expert

If you want to make money online, starting a search engine optimization business is one of the best ways. Search engine optimization is a real, in-demand skill that gets more important every year.

While some ways of making money online are get-rich-quick schemes and scams that hardly anyone makes money at, many others are not. More people do office jobs from home than ever before, and it is even better to be a well-paid freelancer because you can set your own hours that way.

The trick is to learn search engine optimization or some other skill that employers need. It is not a skill that too many people know already or a skill that employers rarely need. The economy is largely online, and there is a huge amount of money in making websites rank at the top.

The Sky’s the Limit

When you start freelancing, it might take a while to make only an extra few hundred a month in addition to your day job. However, you can gradually go from there to making $3000, realistically $10,000, and possibly even $100,000 per month [Link] as a search engine optimization expert. If you can make a huge amount of money for a company with your SEO skills, they will pay you extremely well.

Take Courses and Practice

You need to know what you are doing before charging clients money. Taking online courses, many of which are cheap or free is the best way to get started. You definitely don’t need an expensive formal education; you only need to know what you’re doing.

You might start a blog to see if you can rank at the top for some keywords, even if they are long-tail keywords or local keywords. If your blog is about health, you might choose a keyword phrase such as “does vitamin X work for diabetes” and try to rank at the top of google for it.

If you choose a keyword like “vitamin x,” it will be hard to rank at the top. It is much easier if you choose a more specific and less commonly-used keyword like “does vitamin x help control blood sugar.”

Use Your SEO Skills to Find Your First Clients

The best thing about teaching yourself SEO is that you teach yourself how to promote your business. While you could never rank at the top for a phrase like “search engine optimization,” you could rank at the top for a phrase like “search engine optimization Springfield Florida.”

Once your site is on the first page (the second page isn’t good enough – people are much more likely to choose a result on the first page), you can expect people to visit your site. You need to make your web pages look at least as good as your competitor’s pages to attract clients.

Some of the simplest tips to success for local keywords are:

* Your website URL should have your city’s name in it; example  . This matters a lot because it can put you on the first page for local searches. You might end up on the second or third instead of the first page if you do not do this. Do everything you can to make it so that a search like “search engine optimization [your city]” returns results for your website.
* Put a lot of long written content on your website. Writing only a few hundred words usually isn’t enough. Write about 2000 words of original content, and search engines will notice you. First-page content averages between 2000 and 2500 words long. Guide to start a business.
* Optimize your web pages as much as possible. Add pictures, make your page load as fast as possible, use but don’t overuse keywords. You can gradually make your pages rank at the top for as many keywords as possible.
* Optimize every page individually. Google looks at each individual page and ranks it for keywords; it does not look at your website as a whole.
* Include interesting and useful information. Instead of only having a home, about us, and services page, you could include information about how SEO works and other loosely related content. Every time you add a page to your site, you make it more visible to search engines.

After you have taken a course or two and know the basics, it is time to try to rank something on the first page of Google, even if it is for a rarely-used keyword. You won’t feel confident until you can create web pages and improve their rankings.

Give Away Free Stuff to Attract Sales

One of the best ways to succeed in many online businesses is to start with free content and then offer paid products or services. Anything informational content someone looking for an SEO expert might read belongs on your site. The most obvious thing you might talk about is prices. Someone might be interested in what prices in the industry typically are.

Don’t Work for Too Little for Too Long

While working for much less than a normal rate might be ok in the short run, you should not keep working for very little for too long. Remember, this is supposed to be a significant amount of extra money or a way to replace your full-time job. SEO is not supposed to be a hobby, so start charging a reasonable amount of money once you are past the early stages.

Always Keep Learning

Don’t stop learning as soon as you start making money. Continue to take courses and read resources about how to do SEO right. Talk to other SEO experts and learn to do SEO as well as possible.

Remember that SEO is about knowing information that Google keeps secret. They don’t let people know exactly what metrics are used to rank websites, and they change their criteria over time without announcing all of these changes. Get to know other SEO experts and share information.

Use Live Chat

If you are working on your SEO business at specific times, use a live chat window and answer questions yourself. A potential client is a lot more likely to hire you if they can talk to you first.

Send Cold E-Mails

At least at the start, send e-mails to businesses that have not contacted you, asking if they need SEO services. Most of them will not respond – but if you learn to make a good sales pitch, you can get plenty of business by sending enough e-mails.

Offer Money for Referrals

If you offer $500 to anyone who gets you a $5000 job, they will be happy to refer their friends. In the long run, most of your business can come from referrals.

Offer Free Services at the Start

You don’t want to spend time doing things that you don’t directly get paid for in the long run. However, someone who is just starting out might be willing to talk to business owners about how they could improve the SEO on their site for free. You can give them tips for free and then charge money if they want you to do more.

How to Hire a Freelance SEO Expert

Depending on what you are doing, you might not want to do all of your SEO yourself. You might end up running a blog that sells products. After a certain point, it might be better to outsource SEO work to other people.

There are many online work platforms where freelancers offer their skills. You can look at a freelancer’s profile and see their portfolio, reviews, and prices.

If the freelancer has a lot of reviews on that site and seems to be a good worker, they are probably not someone who will disappoint you or try to cheat you in any way. Some of the common job boards are:

* Upwork, which is arguably the biggest and best platform
* Indeed, which has an excellent system of filters so that you can find the expert you want
* Fiverr, which is affordable, although there are a lot of amateurs on that site
* Craigslist, which might be a bad idea (you will have to figure out whether or not to hire someone based on limited information) but is still visited by good freelancers
* Problogger, which is specifically for people who work on blogs

Making Money Online is Realistic

While a lot of people want to work online but never do, many other people make a decent to excellent living from the internet. Making your first dollar off of the internet can be a life-changer. If you can make $1, you can make $10, $100, $1000, and so on.

The first dollar you make will show you that it is possible to work from home and work for yourself. After you know you can do it, it might only be a matter of time before you can quit your day job and make more than ever before.